„S námi může být aktivní každý.“

  • RADKA organizace
  • Mateřské - mezigenerační centrum
  • Rodinné centrum Klášterec
  • Vzdělávací centrum
  • Dobrovolnické centrum
  • Plavecké centrum
  • Youth center
  • International cooperation
  • RADKA organizace Mateřské - mezigenerační centrum Rodinné centrum Klášterec Sociální centrum Dobrovolnické centrum Youth center Plavecké centrum Vzdělávací centrum International cooperation
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    Karlovarský, Ústecký a Liberecký kraj

    Our mission is to develope volunteering in Ústecký, Karlovarský a Liberecký region, manage the partner network of volunteering centers and organiaztions that work with volunteers, inform and motivate public to volunteer and systematicly strengthen the prestige of volunteering activities and volunteers.

    Our goal is to create mutually prospective informational and educational place in the area of volunteering projects and programs.

    The number of our members changes but our mission and goal stays the same. The chairman organization holds the meeting of Volunteering center council circa 4 times per year. All of the partenr organizations can join this meeting. The content of every meeting is to share the informations and experiences from each region. We also meet a lot of interesting people, create the strategy of volunteering development and we devote to individual topics.


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