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    Paula is our long-term European Solidarity Corps volunteer from Barcelona, currently living in Kadaň. The main part of Paula’s volunteering activity is to assist in the Maternity center. Due to her specialization and passion to share her knowledge amongst others, Paula has prepared a series of non-formal education workshops for you. How to participate? Choose the topic you are interested in and contact us! Workshops will be held after prior consultation, individually or for a group, in person or on-line. Available languages are English and Spanish. See also the video and posters below.


    • Does breastfeed have benefits for the mother?
    • How to return to work while maintaining breastfeeding?
    • Busting breastfeeding myths
    • Does culture influence breastfeeding?
    • How to bottle-feed respectfully: Kassing method and flow rates
    • What does feeding on demand mean?

    • What is The Attachment? By Bowlby
    • Is playing important?
    • Crying as a communication
    • Respectful parenting basics

    • Language development
    • The Hanen Approach: Increasing the child’s understanding of language and vocabulary
    • How to talk to your baby
    • Bilingualism in early age

    Participation fee 50 CZK per person.

    Iva Medunová +420 778 083 430 (Czech, English)
    Paula Estadella Cazeneuve +420 608 530 629 (English, Spanish)



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