„Jsme tu pro všechny, kteří mají zájem.“

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  • RADKA organizace Mateřské centrum Rodinné centrum Klášterec Sociální centrum Dobrovolnické centrum Youth center Plavecké centrum Vzdělávací centrum International cooperation

    YOUTH CENTER – is dedicated to young people aged between 13 and 30.
    We offer open space for realizing their own ideas or implementing new projects. Material and personnel support is available.
    An interesting program is the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, which is a prestigious program for non-formal education of young people aged between 14 and 26.
    We enable participation in foreign seminars, courses and competitions.
    We mediate international youth exchanges, intiatevolunteering in the Czech Republic and abroad.
    We organize workcamps involving foreign volunteers.
    We support the idea of establishing a Youth Club (Community center) in Kadaň and the participation of young people in an open society.
    If you want to change something in your life, come and join us!

    MATERNAL CENTER – Provides various leisure time activities for children and  adults in a pleasant and safe environment.
    Family-friendly activities are thematically oriented and develop children in different aspects-rhythmic, creative, motoric and linguistic.
    We enable adults to socially interact with each other and they can find a space for self-help and self-realization.
    We open current topics and motivate to self-education at various discussions, workshops and meetings.
    We provide care for children of different ages, such as babysitting or school clubs. For older children, we offer clubs and adults can enroll in both physical and creative classes.
    We organize children’s camps, family stays and social events for the public.
    We offer an open space for everyone interested, including the integration of foreigners who can interact, get information, learn Czech language and learnt about Czech culture.

    SOCIAL CENTER Aims to help people in difficult situations. The goal is to maintain or restore the function of family in its natural environment.
    It implements two registered social services free of charge and others unregistered.
    Social activation service for families with children provites  information and support and help in cases when families  want an active solution of to problems. Clients visit the
    Social Center or our employees can visit them during their terrain work.
    Professional social consultancy helps people from socially excluded localities or dis abled people.
    Work counseling encourages people to successful integration into the labor market, problem solving in the current employment and finding a job.
    We also organize educational courses – Strong parents – Strong children®, lectures in schools on fighting against domestic violence or we coordinate Family Conferences.
    These services are provided for free.

    SWIMMING CENTER – Focuses on the children movement in water – swimming training, which beneficially supports the healthy development of children.
    Children get to know the water environment, support their physical abilities, strengthen and acquire basic swimming skills.
    We offer courses from infants to school age children and some activities for adults, for example aquaerobic, or water exercise for pregnant women.
    We regularly organize suburban swimming camps during spring and summer school holidays.

    INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION Since 2009 we have been cooperating with foreign partners in the short term or long term projects.
    We are inspiring each other and arranging exchange experience with clients.
    We have dozens of foreign partners from all over Europe in the field of work with youth and children, volunteering, education and social services.
    We registered in the European portal Commission in January 2015 and we also received the accreditation for the international long-term volunteering.
    We are involved in the program Erasmus+, which supports cooperations, traning courses of youth workers besides volunteering the mobility projects.
    We are open to cooperation and to share the examples of good practice with new partners.

    EDUCATIONAL CENTER – Supports, develops and helps people who want to improve their qualification and position in the labor market to grow or to learn something interesting in a non-formal way.
    We offer accredited courses, especially in the area of PC work, job retraining within European projects, seminars and staff training in the non-profit sector.
    We also run educational courses such as foreign language lessons or seminars and events on various topics according to the interests and needs of our clients.
    One of our services is also coworking.

    VOLUNTARY CENTER – Seeks, educates and coordinates volunteers.
    We help in several accredited programs for seniors and persons with disabilities, in hospitals, in low-threshold organisation or during cultural events.
    We are a member of the Council of Volunteer Centers of the Region Northwest (RDC) and National Association of Volunteering.
    Within the accredited volunteer programs, we cooperate with the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
    We are involved in raising awareness about volunteering in our region through lectures and workshops at elementary and secondary schools and for the public.
    We are involved in the program for leisure activities of children and we realize the specific mentoring program 5P for vulnerable children.
    We participate in the Czech-German binational volunteer service Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (FSJ).
    We also collaborate with the commercial sector – corporate volunteering.

    FAMILY CENTER KLÁŠTEREC NAD OHŘÍ – Maternity Center Branch with leisure and educational program for children and adults.
    We operate in a neighboring town in the renovated premises of the former kindergarten, including a garden.
    The center has been developing since 2018 according to the needs of the local population. It welcomes participants of all ages.
    It supports implementation and public initiative.
    It is suitable as an open space for anyone who likes to spend his time actively.

    NURSERY  KLÁŠTEREC -It provides all-day care (6.00-18.00 h) including meals for children aged 1 – 3 years, with a maximum capacity of 24 children and a sufficient number  of trained staff, in the registered establishment of the children’s group.
    We offer attendance according to the needs of a family, first getting used to a group of children.
    We support the harmony between family and work.

    ZAČÍT SPOLU Educational Program Start Together = innovative child-oriented pedagogical approach.
    The Emphasis is placed on mutual respect and trust.
    Children are led to critical thinking, independence and determination. Care, raising and educating of children in a friendly, family, open and stimulating environment with a focus on internal learning motivation.
    Raduška nursery – individual approach, flexible attendance, gradual adaptation of children (from 1 year old). We offer solutions to the early return to work.
    Kindergarten Start together – integrated thematic education, unconventional division class into activity centers = space with clear rules; age mixed class = children learn from each other.
    Elementary School Start together – a smaller team = individual approach with respect to the child’s personality and abilities.
    The goal is a happy and confident young person.