„S námi může být aktivní každý.“

  • RADKA organizace
  • Mateřské - mezigenerační centrum
  • Rodinné centrum Klášterec
  • Vzdělávací centrum
  • Dobrovolnické centrum
  • Plavecké centrum
  • Youth center
  • International cooperation
  • RADKA organizace Mateřské - mezigenerační centrum Rodinné centrum Klášterec Sociální centrum Dobrovolnické centrum Youth center Plavecké centrum Vzdělávací centrum International cooperation
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    The organization was founded in 2003 to support all generations in many types of their needs. Our mission is to provide missing services in the region and improve life-quality of local children, youth and adults. Our goal is to be a professional non-profit organization focusing on leisure, education and volunteering. The organisation is divided into 6 centers according to focus and target groups.

    Educational and leisure activities for children with parents, babysitting, after-school groups. In a safe space parents can socially interact with each other and share experience during discussions or workshops. We organize day-camps, summer camps and public events. Our community is warm, welcoming and international, sharing cultures and learning languages.


    Language courses with native speakers, accredited PC courses, trainings, creative workshops and lectures covering various topics. The center supports people who need to improve their qualification and position in the labor market or just want to learn something interesting in a non-formal way. We also teach Czech language for foreigners and thereby help newcomers to connect with local community.


    The mission of the center is to motivate, develop and support interest in volunteering within the region. Our main goal is seeking, educating and coordinating volunteers. Voluntary activities enrich local community, encourage solidarity and improve our environment. We are a member of the Council of Volunteer Centers in Northwest Region (RDC) and National Association of Volunteering (NAD).


    Leisure and non-formal educational activities for young people aged 13-30 to support their personal and professional development. We reflect Youth goals, motivate youngsters to be active citizens and care about public participation. Our activitites include Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps projects, Eurodesk cooperation, The DofE Award, public events, trainings & workshops.


    Since 2007 we have been cooperating with partners across the world in various projects. Together we share good practices, inspire each other and exchange experience. We are verified hosting and sending organization for the European Solidarity Corps programme. Our team members regularly attend international trainings and workshops abroad. Find more information here.


    Swimming courses for all age groups. Special bathing programmes for infants and toddlers, funny classes for kids, excercise for adults and elderly. We offer Aqua Aerobics classes, Aquanatal classes for Mums-To-Be and Aqua Stretching. Children get to know the water environment and acquire basic swimming skills. We also organize thematic swimming daily-camps during summer holidays. from october 2023 – SAUNA.

    FAMILY CENTER in Klášterec nad Ohří

    Maternity Center with leisure and educational programmes for children and adults & Day care nursery. We support the harmony between family and work. The center is based in a neighboring town in renovated premises of former kindergarten. It is an open space for anyone who likes to spend their time actively. We welcome any iniciative and project ideas you would like to share with us.

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